Electric Fireplace With Mantel

Electric fireplaces are great additions to any room. An electric fireplace with a mantel is an option that adds even more of a classic, traditional fireplace touch. Fireplaces with mantels have been part of homes for a long time, and now you can have that same look in your home with minimal effort.

Featuring realistic flame appearance options and high quality construction, an electric fireplace with mantel are going to be a great investment for your home. They are inexpensive to purchase and with simple installation, can be up and running right away. You don’t even have to concern yourself with gas lines or venting systems. An electric fireplace with a mantel will also operate with almost 100 percent efficiency, wasting almost no energy, which saves you money.

Even if you don’t want the heat option and you just want the look and ambience of the flames, that’s no problem. Your electric fireplace with a mantel will still look like a real fireplace, but you can even run it in the summer. It’s completely up to you. There’s no question that you will be thrilled with the look of class that one of these fireplaces will add to your home.


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electric fireplace with mantel