Fireplace Inserts

Today, most homeowners are opting for electric fireplaces. These are a great convenience and provide heating without the smoke. Built-in units take a certain amount of effort to install, but free-standing units which plug into a regular outlet are very easy & quick to install. Fireplace inserts are an excellent example of these. They are available in a range of formats; however all of them include electric log sets as well as heating units.

Different styles of units

Fireplace inserts are utilized in a number of different applications. They could be part of a mantelpiece and create a package. These are essentially combination furniture pieces that have heating abilities- they can be placed in corner units or along walls and can be used to display china or to mount pictures, even as they heat the room and display a real-flame effect. When the weather is warmer, you can still enjoy the visual effect of the fireplace, but can choose to turn off the heating element.

Our Fireplace inserts are available in a variety of designs, styles and finishes and can match different types of décor and interior design elements.  These inserts are a great way to add to the ambience and functionlaity of any room.  They are cost-effective and energy efficient features that look good in any setting. 


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