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electric fireplace offers an always expanding product line of electric fireplaces to suit all of our customer’s needs. Ranging in style from contemporary, traditional and designer coloured fireplaces, built-in or wall mount designs, or indoor / outdoor fireplaces, all of our new innovative electric fireplaces come to us from production facilities that are exclusive which guarantees a unique brand and good customer experience.

Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is something that doesn’t end when your fireplace order is shipped to you. We are honored and proud to provide valued customers with a quality fireplace product that combines modern, stylish, sophistication and traditional comfort all in one, paired with unparalleled service and support.


  • Our fireplaces are very innovative
  • Our fireplaces have many options available
  • We use only state of the art technology
  • We carry a huge selection of fireplace styles
  • We have warehouses throughout North America
  • We offer Free shipping

Cad DetailsHigh quality Amantii design files are available for your next project.
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