Electric Wall Fireplace

An electric wall fireplace can provide you with the same warmth and style as other electric fireplaces, but are mounted easily on the wall, taking up no valuable floor space in your room. They are as easy to install as a flat screen TV, but give your room a unique touch, and fit into any room configuration.

Using high quality glass and the latest lighting technologies, an electric wall fireplace will add a unique touch. Featuring advanced flame presentation options that look surprisingly like a natural fireplace, your room will be filled with a soft, warm glow that will give you a noticeably comfortable feel. Electric wall fireplaces have a slim, sleek design, providing the clean, contemporary look that you’re after.

You can choose from a number of different colors that can suit any mood and any taste. Whether you need a warm, romantic look or a cool, modern flair, there is an electric wall fireplace to suit your taste. An electric wall fireplace is effortless to operate, available with or without heat options, and will give you everything you want in fireplace ambience, without taking up valuable real estate in your home.


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electric wall fireplace


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